Nydea is a powerful bot that provides into your Discord Server, Fun, NSFW, Moderation, Administration, Utility, Information, Social, Economy and many more things! Nydea is totally configurable, ¿Maybe you wish test it now?

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Everyone know that if you server isn't secured it could be hacked, raided, or spammed. Nydea tries to make your server secure with a lot of moderation and configuration commands to kame your server a great place.


Nydea's like improve anything. With Nydea you can configure your server with amazing things like Auto Roles, Moderation Logs and Greetings Settings.

Feel Alone?

If you feel alone, Nydea have the perfect commands to make you laugh. Nydea have more than 20 funny commands, NSFW, Images and many more. Enjoy our funny commands!


If you have any issue, problem or mistake doing something you can join our Discord Support to start a ticket with one of our staff. You can get supported very easy and in fast time!


99% Uptime

Nydea will be online forever, but sometimes you will see Nydea offline, that happen because we are working in a new update to you, our users.

We hear us

If you want give us feedback, new ideas or something related you can use our commands, to give feedback just use ny! feedback (message)

No payments

You will not need to buy something to use Nydea's Commands. You can use all our commands and every command is free, you don't need pay, you don't need wait a long cooldown like wait 5 seconds per command and specially you don't need vote for Nydea to use any kind of command.